About Us

We believe that life is not about getting and having, it’s about giving and being and what better inspiration could there be than mother nature herself.

Just like the Zabarwan mountain ranges, we aim to cradle the young achievers of tomorrow. The inspirational solidity has helped us shape the foundation’s mechanism and build-in the principles of philanthropy and altruism.

We are professionals with diverse backgrounds but a singular purpose, a common passion to nourish a better tomorrow. We are here to share our global exposure with the young and help them take a leap into the future.

Our Team

Anju Mattou

Born and brought up in Srinagar (J&K), Anju did her schooling in the heart of the valley at Mallinsons Girls High School and her B.Sc from the University of Kashmir. She further gained proficiency in fashion design from Delhi followed by PGDM from IMT Ghaziabad. With a keen sense on safe environment, pursued a UN programme in Solid Waste Management. The programme of preparing the youth of Kashmir is her brain child.

The Zabarwan Foundation

The on-going unrest has led Kashmir towards strife and struggle. In this process of constant turmoil the children of Kashmir, the adults of tomorrow, are being kept from the elemental comforts of childhood.

In this environment, we aim to give these children a ray of hope by guiding them towards a better future. We want to provide them with opportunities to view things in a different perspective, a chance to explore their skills and exposure to possibilities.

The Zabarwan Foundation is dedicated to empowering children through the sustainable path compelled by fuelling the inherent desire for knowledge in young minds. The foundation focuses its energies on efforts to nurture and develop young minds to make a significant difference to their lives by unveiling their latent skills and also by directing them to think about self-development through soft-skills development.

TZF has been created to help initiate the youth of the region into a realm of self-discovery and realization of their dormant potential. Our mission is to develop the total person-spirit, mind and body-through skill-development.

The heart of the foundation is set on helping the youth realize their dreams through awareness and pursuit of the myriad opportunities available to them.

Friends of TZF

The "Friends of TZF" are experts from their individual domains, they guide us and are our inspirational navigators. Kunal Kapoor, Rekha Dar, Digvijay Singh, Anuj Jain, Shradha Kaul, Ritu Khoda we thank you for your guidance and look forward to your participation.

The Zabarwan Foundation

Helping the youth of Kashmir realize their dreams through awareness
and pursuit of the myriad opportunities...