Ritu Khoda
Ritu Khoda
Ritu Khoda founded Art1st in 2009 to challenge the existing paradigm of the (myopic) pursuit of pure academics. Employing art as a pedagogical tool, Ritu emphasizes on visual literacy, collective learning and the role of the arts in cognitive processes and creative competencies.
Spread across Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai Ritu has engaged educators, administrators, principals, students, art foundations, NGOs and accomplished contemporary artists in creating a paradigm shift in teaching and learning practices. Ritu’s innovative initiatives like Art Education Program, Partner a Master: Artist Mentor Program, Art Publications & films, and Open Minds seminar foster imaginative learning and transformative thinking in students and educators alike. She has to her credit conducted workshops with nearly 15,000 children as part of her larger vision to propel an overall cognitive and critical growth amongst children.
As part of her ongoing work in the field of art education, she has partnered with Films Division of India to make experimental films on celebrated artists like Ram Kumar, Vivan Sundaram, Atul Dodiya, Tushar Joag, Sharmila Samant and Nikhil Chopra. And this year her film Chitrashala (House of Paintings) and Even Red can be Sad too (on Ram Kumar) will be premiered at the prestigious Berlin Film Festival and Cinema du Reel in France.
Ritu is doggedly committed to creating awareness about Indian art & culture among children. To that end, she has collaborated with Scholastic to bravely forge a new category with the series: I am an Artist. Intriguing, imaginative and investigative by design, the series takes children through each artist’s life, struggles and inspiration. The first in the series Raza’s Bindu has been an astounding success.
Ritu Khoda, holds an MBA from IIM, Kolkata and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Lady Sri Ram College, New Delhi.